Tuesday, November 18, 2008


matt at sevenonefixed sent me an email.
this should be a rad time.
im going to try to make it up to buffalo for it!

here is the info.
Jerksgiving Two-Thousand and Eight!
Saturday November 29th 2pm

Registration: 2pm behind the Albright Knox art Gallery at Hoyt Lake
U-lock pick up and trackstand twister.

Start: 3pm at Positive Approach

Racers need to bring:
-$6.50c dollars

Racers receive for $6.50c:
-Special Shirt made for the race.
-Spoke Card


Delicious Fixicious! said...

Thanks for the promotion man! Definitely come out. Should be plenty of fun.

zach said...

i am going to try my hardest!
let me crash at one of your houses!